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Adult Music Psychotherapy

Private Individual Music Psychotherapy sessions take place once a week in a confidential space in person or online, lasting 45-60 minutes. Session time will be dependant on client and tailored to specific clients needs.  

Free initial consultation to discuss over the phone or email. 

Following this we can meet for an introductory appointment where we can discuss in more depth why you might like to access music therapy for yourself or loved one/client. 

Sessions can then begin from this introductory appointment or be arranged at a later date.


 Sessions may be just talking, or they can be an integration of music and counselling, depending on what route the client would like to take. Clients do not need to have any musical experience if they would also like to use music as a means for expression and exploration during sessions.​

Sessions can include identification of music preferences, song writing, drumming, singing/instrument improvisation, and tailored musical activities. 

Sessions may include more music than talking, or at times we might just talk. This will be dependant on what you are most comfortable with on the day. 

There will be initial assessment period for the first few weeks, after this will then evaluate and make personal care plan moving forward. 

Here are some examples of ways in which music therapy can provide support:

  • Provides a safe place for individual to express themselves freely 

  • Provides psychological and emotional support

  • Opportunity to build personal awareness and sense of self

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem

  • Practice is fostering a positive empowering relationship

  • Creative and motivating form of working on personal goals. 

  • Promotes language and communication skills

  • Improves emotional well-being

  • Can be space to relieve fear, stress, anger, and anxiety

  • Improvement in fine/gross Motor Skills

  • Promotion of listening and attention skills

  • Space for reminiscence for those with memory loss 

  • Preserving or restoring social capital

  • Increased ability to express oneself 



 It is important that sessions take place in a safe and uninterrupted private space each week, with musical resources available. I have set up for sessions to take place at my residence, or in special circumstances sessions can take place at the clients home or center. 

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