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Instructional support and Lesson planning for Music Teachers

This is for those interested in entering the profession, those starting out or even experienced music teachers who are seeking some fresh ideas and consultation. Support and lesson planning can be provided on a one off basis or on a continued basis. 

Topics which we can cover: 

  • What to Consider When Writing a Lesson Plan

  • Developing a plan for your student group

  • Uses of technology for the digital learner

  • How to improve independent practice

  • How to assess students abilities and set goals

  • Adapting lessons for those with special needs and learning difficulties

  • Choosing optimum teaching materials 

  • Building your musical resources and portfolio

  • Planning For Instruction; Content, Goals, Objectives, Materials, Introduction, Development, Practice, Adaptations, Monitoring progress, Evaluation, Closure, and Reflection. 

If you are interested in instructional support and lesson planning services please get in touch for further information and pricing. 

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