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Music Therapy Testimonials 

Music therapy in School Setting 


Niamh has worked at the Russell School over the past three years as a Music therapist.

As Senco, I referred many pupils with emotional and mental health needs for music therapy. Niamh provided these pupils with a safe place to learn, regulate, identify and express their emotions. Equally pupils who had difficulties with communication and language development were supported effectively to communicate their feelings and needs. The sessions were structured, yet child-led, giving flexibility to pupils to explore music-making in different ways accordingly to their individual needs in that particular session. All the pupils readily attended the sessions and spoke enthusiastically about their experiences. She demonstrated a good understanding of children’s individual needs and built good relationships with many of our ‘hard to reach’ pupils.

Niamh always communicated well with parents and professionals, both verbally and through written reports.

Heather Clarke, SENCO 

Group Music therapy at Center for Elderly 


Niamh worked at HomeLink running music therapy groups for elderly clients with Dementia and other medical conditions. She took the time to get to know the clients here and worked well with staff to carefully form each music therapy group. Often people would initially be reluctant to join the music group; feeling they lacked the skills or confidence. Niamh was sensitive to participants needs and was in turn able to encourage and reassure them. After a few weeks we could see their confidence grow, and relationships form. Other clients then became increasingly interested in participating in the music groups too. Niamh provided a safe space for all clients to express themselves freely, tailoring the sessions to each groups strengths and abilities, as well as providing materials which were focused and meaningful to each client. This aided members in preserving memories, taking pride in their identity, and strengthening social networks within HomeLink community. 

HomeLink Care 

Community Music Therapy; Adult mental health. 


Niamh started this Community music group as pilot study in 2018, since then it has proven to be a high quality service for our members at TAO and continues to this day. Niamh was lovely and effective during entire process. TAO members have described how the group has helped them make new friends and has been an uplifting experience. Members have also shared how they have really enjoyed the music sessions and its has rekindled their relationship with music and playing instruments. As the group developed, Niamh continued to source and provide further ways for members to participate in music. The community sessions now include a large open group, smaller focus group and a ukulele club for those wanting to gain a new skill and confidence in a fun motivating way. The community music sessions have truly matched the ethos here and brought the community ‘Together As One’.

TAO - Together As One 

Music Teaching Testimonials 


Niamh has taught my daughter the ukulele for the past 2 years (from the age of 5) and has always been nothing but professional, punctual and communicative but it's her natural warmth, patience and encouragement which I feel has helped my daughter the most in her learning. Niamh boosts her confidence and makes learning fun. She's a brilliant teacher who I will never hesitate to recommend.




Niamh, I want to say thank you very much for the piano tuition you’ve provided to Sam over the last year. Your love of music and enthusiasm for teaching has shone through. Sam’s piano playing has improved hugely under your careful guidance. I would very happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a piano teacher.  

Fiona - Parent 


I have been very impressed with Niamh's teaching: both of our children have made good progress over the last year, and they enjoy their piano lessons with her. I have been particularly impressed at how she has engaged our 6-year old's attention--not a given at that age. Loreto - Parent 



Niamh was a brilliant piano teacher to my two daughters aged 8 and 11. She encouraged their love and understanding of all styles of music as well as supporting their solid learning of technique and theory. My eldest reached Grade 3 with her teaching and both continue their music studies. We’re very grateful for her fantastic tutoring.



Niamh has worked with my daughter for a couple of years teaching piano. Having never learnt before, Niamh’s skill in encouraging her student is amazing. She is unbelievably patient, making each lesson fun and different. Niamh’s ability to get the best out of Grace is wonderful and for me listening in the background seeing my daughter progress from novice to passing her Grades was a wonderful journey.  I would without hesitation recommend Niamh for any aspiring pianist.

Psychotherapy Tutoring Testimonials 


I found the sessions with Niamh very helpful. She helped me to improve my writing style for essays and meet the criteria. (I felt she really cared about my essays). I had a pretty good grade as a result. During our sessions we covered topics including; Psychodynamic approach and theories, and practicing ethically in accordance with the BACP framework. I also found the sessions useful in aiding me to reflect on my process and readiness to practice, how to secure a placement, and prepare for interviews in order to enter the professional world of counselling. 


I would recommend Niamh for those looking for tutoring with psychotherapy/counselling or supervision.  


Maria - PGDip Counselling and Psychotherapy

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