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Child Music Psychotherapy

Private Individual Music Psychotherapy takes place once a week in a confidential space lasting 30-45 minutes. Typically sessions will run in line with academic calendar. Session length will be dependant on client and tailored to specific clients needs.  

Free initial consultation to discuss over the phone or email. 

Following this we can meet for an introductory appointment where we can discuss in more depth why you might like to access music therapy for your child/client or person you care for. 

Sessions can then begin from this introductory appointment or be arranged at a later date. 

Sessions will be an integration of music and counselling. Sessions can include identification of music preferences, song writing, drumming, singing, tailored musical activities and instrument improvisation/free play. 

Music Therapy sessions will be mainly client-centred, or client led, this means I will take a non-directive, supportive approach to the sessions, this will then require the child to take an active role in his or her sessions and allow the child to find their own voice within sessions.

Some children find the prospect of meeting and working with someone new in such close proximity a daunting prospect, and initial sessions can focus on familiarising them with environment, and only taking the steps they are comfortable with, this respects the child’s choice to take part in therapeutic process and and allows them to have autonomy. 

Sessions may include more music than talking, or at times we might just talk. This will be dependant on what child is most comfortable with on the day. 

There will be initial assessment period for the first 2-3 weeks, this is to ensure both parents/carers and child are happy to continue regular sessions thereafter. In the first few weeks the focus will be on forming rapport and relationship which is integral to the Music Therapy process.

After this an initial plan will then be made for the first 12 weeks of sessions. This will be a collaborative process with therapist and parents. For each child the focus of sessions will vary. 

Here are some examples of ways in which music therapy can aid in child’s personal development:

  • Provides a safe place for child to express themselves freely 

  • Builds child’s personal awareness and sense of self

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem

  • Promotes language and communication skills

  • Provides platform for social interaction and play skills

  • Improve Emotional Well-being

  • Can be space to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Increase in Focus and Concentration

  • Improvement in fine/gross Motor Skills

  • Promotion of listening and attention skills

  • Increased ability to express oneself 

It is important to note that every child’s focus and journey will be different, there is no one shoe fits all. The music therapy sessions will be personalised to their needs and focus, aiding them meeting their best potential. 



It is important that sessions take place in a safe and uninterrupted private space each week, with musical resources available. I have set up for sessions to take place at my residents, or in special circumstances sessions can take place at the clients home/centre/school.


Cost Per Session


£50 -£70

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