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Online Music Lessons 

Here is an opportunity to receive regular music lessons and instruction from the comfort of your own home. Or, even when you are travelling or working in different locations, the music lessons can come with you anywhere!

I provide innovative tailored lessons to students ranging in age from three years old to adults.

I have a student led approach, meaning each lesson is unique to the student, allowing for varied attention span and, or additional needs including: ASD sensory and processing, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD. Adapting to individuals strengths, abilities and interests.

I build rapport with all students creating the most productive and enjoyable learning experience; motivating and rewarding effort.  

If you are interested in music lessons for yourself or someone else please get in touch and I am happy to answer questions you may have, from there we can arrange a trial lesson. 

There is then an initial assessment period of 2-3 lessons to ensure student is comfortable and content with teaching style moving forward. 


Cost Per Lesson 


30 minute lesson £22, 45 minute lesson £33.00, 60 minute lesson £44

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