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Community Music Groups 

Community Music Sessions are not the same as music therapy group sessions. These are regular sessions which are run with groups of 6+ members. In large groups there is not the same scope for therapeutic intervention to take place. However, there has recently been increasing research into the benefits of how community music making can have a positive effect on mental health.

Community music sessions can include similar activities to the music therapy sessions; active music making, singing, and some discussion. In these groups there can also be an element of group performance for others. This goes beyond the realms of confidential music therapy sessions. 

Community music sessions are about adapting to the environment, creating a space for service users to come together in a way that integrates into the social environment. It is about bringing people together through music, promoting conversation and facilitating the community group in further building relationships. 



Sessions take place in community setting; social club, respite centre, charities, work spaces. These groups integrate within the facilities and do not need to take place in a closed confidential space. They can take place in open space where there is opportunity for focused participation as well as inclusion of those on the periphery. 

If you are interested in community music services please get in touch for a free initial consultation over the phone or via email. 


Cost Per Session

 Session fee is dependant on group size and duration. For further information on pricing of groups, please get in touch.

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