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Fieldwork and Skill Sharing 

This area of work has long been an interest of mine, it stemmed from my personal experience of moving from Ireland to London (UK) and practising as a Music Therapist. These experiences were further enriched by the opportunity of working with clients from diverse social and multicultural backgrounds. These experiences broadened my horizons and further captured my interest. I became increasingly aware of the complexities of diversity and multiculturalism, this then fed into my research project (2017): An inquiry into how music therapists are practising across different international projects. This has been furthermore fuelled by my aspirations to travel and work abroad as an essential part of my professional and personal journey.

The aim of music therapy skill sharing projects is to enable professionals and carers living and working with those with a need for therapeutic support to gain skills and implement music interventions themselves.

I will now be working on international music therapy skill sharing projects, starting Chiang Mai, Thailand this November 2019. It is my aim to put my training and experience in the fundamentals of psychology, human development, social services, and musical intervention for support to good use over the course of these projects. 

I will blogging about work completed on projects.  This is to add to discussion about how music therapists can practice and skill share abroad. 


If you are interested in music therapy skill-sharing projects or workshops please get in touch for free initial consultation over the phone, via Skype or email. 

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