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Child & Adolescent Group Music Therapy 

Group Music Therapy sessions take place once a week in a confidential space lasting 30-60 minutes. Session time will be tailored to clients needs. For work with children, sessions are typically 30-45 minutes and usually take place in schools or centres in line with academic calendar.

Group music therapy sessions are designed to bring individuals together through music. The structured setting provides platform for personal development with the benefit of having support of group. 

Group Music therapy may include: Active music making with a variety of instruments/singing, improvisation, song writing, performance and discussion of songs, turn taking and sharing opportunities, role playing and rehearsal of social skills,  movement to music and other musical activities.

If you are interested in accessing group music therapy services please get in touch for a free initial consultation to discuss over the phone or email. 

Following this we can meet for an introductory appointment where we can discuss in more depth why you might like to access group music therapy services for your organisation and client group. This appointment can also be used as an opportunity to meet with service users, and begin referral process and initial assessments.

Here are some examples of how Group Music Therapy can address needs:

  • Promotion and integration of social and play skills

  • Building on personal and peer awareness

  • Interpersonal skills and forming relationships

  • Building confidence and self-esteem within group

  • Gross and fine motor skill development

  • Speech, language, and communication skills

  • Emotional identification, management of emotions, and coping skills

  • Self-expression and creative development

  • Opportunity for personal development within supportive group

  • Opportunity to learn and grow as a group

It is important to note that every groups focus and journey will be different, there is no one shoe fits all. The music therapy sessions will be personalised to their needs and focus, aiding them meeting their best potential. 


Cost Per Session

 Session fee are dependant on group size and duration. Session fees start at £100 for 30 minute session for group of 3. For further information on pricing of groups, please get in touch. 

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