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Fun Free Online Music Apps and Resources for Learning

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Spotify: Access to music worldwide • Free version including advertisements • Playlists • Share tunes • Discover new music Musicplayonline: piano, ukulele/guitar, recorder, voice. (kindergarten to grade 6) • Fun, engaging, interactive, and easy to use Pieces of music • Musical pieces for various instrument (Access piano resource by clicking into xylophone) • Vocal warm ups • Rhythm practice • Aural and listening skills • Melodic and Rhythmic Composition • Metronome, Tempo • Form • How music feels/ How to move • Guitar Tuna: guitar, ukulele, string family, bass, folk instruments. (beginners to advanced) • Easy to use app for all ages. • Tuner (multiple options here, as well as customisable) • Metronome • Chord Library: various options for playing any chord, finger map, and audio example. • Games: learn chords, chord diagrams, ear trainer, learn to play notes/chords, chord combinations and customisable chord combos. (Audio recognition software lets you know if you have gotten it correct) • Yousician : guitar, piano, bass guitar, ukulele, or singing. (beginners to advanced) • Your membership gives you access to all instruments. This is linked to the guitar tuna app but with further lesson structure. • Step by step tutorials, includes simple exercises and audio recognition (so it will let you know when you have made a mistake, or which string you missed). • You can select the learning pathway you would like e.g. chordal or melodic • This is free membership including ads, you can pay a reasonable fee to use application without the interruption of advertisements. • Anytune: slow down music BPM: so you can practice the song at a slower pace. (All levels) • This enables the individual to slow down a song while retaining the key of the song (Fandom, n.d.). • Each song can also be transposed into a different key, and you can play/sing along to the actual recording • E-musicmaestro: General musicianship, all instruments (beginners to advanced) • Aural Training: sample tests and guides • Sight reading • Blog: Useful and easy reads • Scales: Trinity and ABRSM • For an additional fee you can also get assessed for a performance/examination • Meludia: general musicianship (beginners to advanced) • Memory • Pattern recognition • Reaction time • Pitch identification • Harmonic perception Perfect Ear: Develop aural skills, and sense of rhythm. (beginners to advanced) • Whether you want to improvise, figure out melodies by ear, recognise chord progressions or simply be able to tune your guitar without a tuner-having a good understanding of the basics, such as intervals, scales and chords. • Ear training exercises: practice intervals, scales, chords • Rhythm training exercises: learn to read and recognise rhythm durations • Super customisable: you can create your own ear training or rhythm training exercises as well as your own custom chords and scales • You can even create custom rhythm patterns for your exercises • Beginner friendly music theory articles • Melodic dictation exercises • Sight reading trainer: learn to effortlessly read sheet music • Absolute pitch trainer • Note singing trainer • A fully-fledged scale dictionary • ABRSM exam practice (beginners to advanced) • Scale trainer • Aural trainer • Sight reading • For an additional fee ( exam pieces, adjustable tempo and treble/bass clef isolation) • Simply Piano (piano) (beginners to advanced) • Tons of fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me and Counting Stars, also J.S. • Includes courses for different musical tastes and playing levels - Learn the basics step-by-step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands Aural book: aural training (beginners to advanced) • Scales practice: scales (beginners to advanced) • #musiceducation #musicteacher #musiclessons #onlinemusiclessons #free #online #music #musiclovers #interactive #fun #apps #musicapps #learnonline #musicians #musicsupport #musicstudent #auraltraining #performance #exams #freemusic #music #free #learn #songs #chords #instruments #generalmusicianship #musiconline #growth

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