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Top gifts for Young Musical Beginners

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My First Theory Book

This is my absolute favourite book

It is hands down the most engaging and easy to follow approach to music theory I have come across. It is slightly geared towards the piano, but it is a valuable resource for any instrument in the treble.

‘A colorful, imaginative, and highly absorbing introduction to music theory for the younger student. Packed with exciting exercises and entertaining characters, this is the ideal introduction to theory for a young instrumentalist.’

Musical Flash Cards 

89 color-coded musical flashcards. This includes all the notes, symbols and terms you need for the first 2 years of study of any musical instrument. The students love these cards and you can work on sections at your own pace. Sometimes I leave a few cards with my students to work on. Having the visual reference can be a far more effective and engaging way for them to learn the musical terms for the next lesson.

Music Sheet Folder

When I first started teaching I would constantly arrive to messy piles of sheet music at students houses, sifting through to find the right piece. Since then, this is a compulsory lesson material, otherwise valuable playing time is wasted. Plus, who doesn’t like to have some nice musical accessories. (Make sure to buy binder like listed below or your music will forever close while they’re trying to play).

Musical Pencil Case

A musical pencil case is a must, and they are so affordable on amazon. I wouldn’t recommend using the designated school pencil case as things tend to go astray and get lost along the journey.

Personalised Musical Bag

Now that the have all of their accessories, the personalised musical bag is the place to keep them all safe and stored together, and avoid mix ups at music lessons.

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